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Web Design

We create a storyboard for your brand and design interactive websites. Lets dig in deep to know more about our technologies and platforms that help you grow your brand.
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Cloud Based Automations

Making your workflow greater than ever before, We create intelligent systems for you to connect your visitors, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders connect together to give everyone seamless experience.
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Digital Advertisements

Helping your choose and design powerful marketing campaigns to bring more visitors to your website and social media platforms. Check out our digital marketing opportunities and know more about increasing your return on investment. 
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Business Digital Automation

A simple, yet effective way to be more productive. In Business Meet GOM, the new generation Business App that will take your productivity to the next level using EIA- Extensive interaction algorithm. Are you ready to make the leap? Book for a free demo.

web development wellington

Comes with an interactive website to make your brand stand out.

web development wellington

Intelligent platforms to automate your business and communications.

web development wellington

Inbuilt smart marketing campaigns to maximize your ROI.



Communicate with your visitors, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders as never before. GOM provides management and technology consulting services for Innovative companies, delivering brilliant client service.

Software development wellington
Software development wellington

GOM is a business consulting Cloud tool providing CRM, ERP and BI solutions to help our clients grow faster and work smarter.

Most solutions available cannot be customized for your specific needs. This is where GOM comes into the picture. With our professional team of software developers and engineers, we can navigate rapidly evolving business landscapes to simplify the business challenges.

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SEO service near me

Search Engine Optimization is one of GOM’s strong suits. Along with a wide variety of services like digital marketing, technical consulting and web design, we also handle SEO services. SEO has recently become a very trendy topic and has been strategized by many companies and organizations to expand their online outreach.

While most companies only focus on optimizing their SEO on Google, we have mastered strategies to tackle every domain on the internet. For instance, our services are aimed at dominating the SERPs that help you take the local market by storm. With that, our team also focuses on Wordpress SEO, E-Commerce SEO, Facebook SEO, YouTube SEO, etc.

SEO in Wellington
Web hosting and Management in Wellington


Web development Wellington

At GOM, we manage and maintain websites that meet your company’s every need. We assure you fast and flawless websites that are always backed by our support team, and are maintained on a regular basis. Along with web hosting, we also take care of website management.

We have developed and hosted many websites in a short span of time. Our experience allows us to create an online presence that will make your website better, faster and more secure. Our professionally trained team is always ready to provide support, website maintenance, social media management, etc. to keep your website running smoothly. No company is ever too small to have a strong online service, and we are here to make that happen.


Restaurant 360

Restaurant 360 is an intelligent cloud-based restaurant management solution for both marketing and internal management. We eliminate the need for complex hardware to manage restaurants. The most user-friendly and efficient solution to manage your restaurant workflow, POS, Inventory management, Kitchen token, workforce management, Table booking, online order management, Dedicated delivery workforce integration and so on.

GOM Multivendor Platform

GOM MVP is a marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers across New Zealand and Overseas. This pandemic enlightened the world about the leadership of our governing body and the reliability of our products and supplies. It is time for us to nurture and showcase New Zealand products and companies. Sign up with us, Our executives will reach to you soon.

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Our entire onboarding processes and workflow is completely digital. This offers our clients an effortless journey towards better business and online outreach.

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